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Man’s quest to fly has evolved from parachuting to skydiving, and presented the thrill and imagination of man to further
develop a method to stay aloft. The wing suit was born, enabling a sense of navigational control while adding  guidance
control through the thermals.  The unimaginable thought to jump from a plane or favorite BASE point, maneuver, and to
land safely without the aid of a parachute is on the horizon.**  The quest to conquer this feat can only be achieved with
the aid of further research, design and development, with the possible aid of wing suits.

GORILLA-WORX is dedicated to man’s quest to FLY with the same physics of avionics from its origination point of
ornithology (the study of birds), thermals, and the wing suit technology to better achieve human flight using
unconventional methods in engineering and materials.

GORILLA-WORX is dedicated to serving you, whether a novice spreading your wings in the clouds for the first time, or
the more experienced wing suit pilot.  As you grow with experience so does your equipment needs.  Fly with GORILLA-
WORX into the future of wing-suiting!

The name GORILLA-WORX invokes our philosophy and ideology, of superior, advanced technology, and environmental
contributions to our planet.  We have pursued studies over the past 9 years of advanced engineering, material studies,
and testing to bring you the most advanced WINGSUIT. Our goal is to provide a very high quality of performance and
design with very, very hi-tech materials. When you are seeking the  h-i-g-h-e-s-t  Performance, as you would in any other
venue; design, results, and the BEST IN CLASS, GORILLA-WORX Wingsuits accomplishes it all!   Standard, regardless
whether you choose more accessories or performance packages, these are "out of the box crate racers", custom made
for each individual.

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** Gorilla-Worx" does not suggest or encourage any sky diver, wing suit  flyer, BASE jumper, or any person to attempt or suggest the possibility of foregoing all safety
regulations to make an aerial departure and landing WITHOUT the use of  a parachute (U.S.P.A. Regulations)!  Any interpretation of the future of science, engineering
and development is that in fact a controlled science and not to be attempted by an individual(s) and no liabilities will be assumed or subjected to Gorilla-Worx for
individual(s) in direct violation of all safety rules and regulations.
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